Kickstart your business faster

Developed by industry veterans, Multiplatform Kickstarter is the first template with all the boilerplate code needed to help you to kickstart your business in no time.

Based in Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) and Compose Multiplatform, with few simple steps you will have up and running applications for Android, iOS and Desktop using Ktor as the server.

Save months of work plus a lot of money and focus on building a profitable business.

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✨ Designed to Shine ✨

Create beautiful applications with Multiplatform Kickstarter using Compose Multiplatform and Material 3.

Material Design is a design system built and supported by Google designers and developers. The latest version, Material 3, enables personal, adaptive, and expressive experiences – from dynamic color and enhanced accessibility, to foundations for large screen layouts and design tokens. Check and for an in-depth UX guidance and UI component implementations.

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What is the cost of building an app from scratch?

"Developing a full-fledged cross-platform mobile app costs around $20,000+ for a simple app, around $20,000 to $45,000 for a moderate app and $45,000 to $75,000 for advanced apps" - Auxano Global Services

Multiplatform Kickstarter is an opinionated template that will save you all the trouble of researching and developing all the features and components needed to create production ready applications.

Save months of work plus a lot of money and focus on building a profitable business.

Everything you need to start your Application 🚀

It takes the best parts of state-of-the-art tools and adds its own innovations. While most templates only solves the basic functionality, we are aiming to solve most of the common problems when creating applications from initial status to production.


Pre-built authentication solution that handles user registration, login and all common authentication workflows.

Compose Components

Save time and effort with our collection of beautiful components, build great interfaces in minutes.


Built-in navigation using Voyager. Covers all the basic navigation scenarios with transitions.


We provide an abstract component to track every aspect of your app in a simple way.

Version Catalog

Define all libraries, versions and plugins in one TOML file to reuse across multiplatform apps.

CI Ready

Basic scripts for your continuous integration builds. Key component for any Production application.

Debug Menu

Built-in debug menu were you can manage all the important things of your apps.


FIGS - Translations are very important, also the way are displayed to avoid issues.


The template provides a built-in CRUD API as an example for your APIs documented in OpenAPI.

Material 3

All components and screens were created using Material 3 as the base.

Ktor Client/Server

Use the standard Ktor client and server apis to build your apps.

Data Storage

Store all the data on every platform in a reliable way.