While most templates only solves the basic functionality, we are aiming to solve most of the common problems when creating applications from initial status to production.

Multiplatform Kickstarter is an opinionated template and comes with this stack built-in:

  • Shared UI and Logic for all platforms
  • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Compose Multiplatform
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • Kotlin Serialization
  • Kotlin Datetime
  • Voyager for Navigation and View Models
  • Koin as Dependency Injection
  • Detekt for static code analysis
  • Ktlint linter
  • Ktor for Client
  • Multiplatform-settings for storage
  • Kamel for Images
  • Kermit for logging
  • Version Catalogs
  • Ktor for Server (PostgresSQL+Tomcat)
  • Swagger Codegen for OpenAPI

Features Comparison

IMPORTANT: PRO templates are in constant development. And this table may not have the actual state of development. The order in the table does not represent the current roadmap.

FeaturesFree TemplatePRO Templates
Login/Sign Up
Basic listing
Basic insertion form
Basic Detail
Basic Settings
Basic Profile
Basic Permissions
Basic CI
Basic Composable Components
Dark mode ready
Accessibility (and color accessible themes)
Tracking system
Multilanguage (FIGS)
OnBoarding Carousel
Tested (UI, Unit)
Advanced CI (deployment)-
A/B Test Ready-
More Translations-
Saved Searches-
Social Login-

And a lot more planned for the PRO templates!